Want to Work for Yourself? Develop These Skills Now!

Many people are going back to school with the intention of upgrading their education for the purpose of starting a business.  With our economy and the availability of jobs on the market place, many people think that going into business for themselves is a better bet than having to compete with all the people that are out there looking for jobs.

For some people that is a great choice and upgrading your education can be very helpful.

But before you make the decision to go into business for yourself you should consider the skills that you currently have and the skills that you will have to develop in order to be successful.

  1. You need to have a great network.  Part of being in business for yourself means that you alone will be responsible for finding information when you need it, getting new people to come into your business, and associating yourself with pre-existing businesses that have a good reputation.  All of those things can be done with things like advertising and other resources, but you will do much better if you already have a pre-existing network in your field.  Spend some time going to networking events in your industry, meeting people that can help you, and talking to everyone you know about your business idea.  Build up your network as much as possible before you get the business loans and open shop.  Of course, you should continually be building on your network after you start your business, too.
  2. Motivation.  Without self-motivation your business will eventually fail.  This in not negotiable and this is not a something you can learn.  You need to constantly be motivated when you have to work those extra hours (as you will with a new business) and have to do things that you are not used to doing.  You will need to have motivation when you are tired from working on a project late into the night but still have to get up early and get back to business.  Without motivation, you will not be able to get your business off the ground.
  3. Good time management skills.  When you first start a business you are usually the only one that is available to do the work.  You may have some employees, but that does not necessarily make it easier.  In fact, it will likely make it more difficult because you will have to manage them, as well.  Time management skills make the difference between getting the job done and having happy customers and not getting the job done and having customers that are only too happy to tell others that you were not able to complete the task on time.  
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