Your Hobby Could Be Your Backup Plan

BakingImage by kj.vogelius via Flickr
In our day and age, no job is completely secure.  Offices close.  Jobs get phased out.  And companies cut down on employees.  It happens every day and if you asked around you would have no problem finding at least a couple people that have a story of their own.  So, it is important to protect yourself by having a backup plan.

One way that people are developing backup plans is by turning their hobbies into money earners.  Virtually anything you like to do can be turned into a money earner.

Do you love to bake?  Then consider turning your love of making cakes and cookies and other delectibles into a small business.  With a few flyers and word of mouth  you might easily find yourself with a secondary income that is fun and enjoyable and is something you are doing anyway.

Perhaps you love making documents and PDF files and Excel sheets.  Your knowledge of Microsoft Office programs and other office software is a valuable resource.  Small businesses often outsources this kind of work to local people so that they have more time to do the things that they are really good at.

So, the question is, how do you get started with turning your hobby into a backup plan?

Start by using your network.  I've talked about the importance of having a network in the past.  If you have been listening, you should have a long list of people you know that you can talk to.  So, send out an email or a message on Facebook and let others know that you are open to the discussing opportunities.

You can also put up fliers locally or approach small businesses that you think can use your services.

Remember that this is just a backup plan right now, so you do not need to dedicate a lot of time to it.  Just get started.  That way, if you do find yourself without a job tomorrow, you can spend more time developing your backup plan and you might find yourself in a new career!