Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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I'm sure you've heard that saying before - it is very popular, and with good reason.  It is also very true.  Your actions often reveal a lot more about you than your words do.  This is one of the reasons that employers consider the interview process so very important.

When you go on an interview, you are not only being tested for your knowledge and the answers you give them verbally, bu you are also being watched.  They are watching for things like:

  • how you sit
  • whether or not you make eye contact
  • how firm your handshake is
  • whether you smile or not
  • how you interact with others in the office
All of these things tell the employer something about you.

One of the best ways to get outside of yourself and observe your body language in an interview situation is to have someone record you in a pseudo-interview.  Watch for nervous body movements like hair twirling or a bouncing leg.  Once you are aware of these things you will be more likely to stop yourself when you start to do them.

It is a good exercise to observe other people's body language, too.  You can do this virtually anywhere.  Watch people having a conversation on the bus or at the coffee shop.  Watch others in class.  Watch your instructors.  As you observe, you will see body language in many different styles.  Ask yourself what this could mean.

As you think about body language more often, you will become more aware of your own body language.
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