Career Blogging 101 - Getting People to Your Blog (Part 1: Blog Commenting)

It's been awhile since I wrote a post for the Career Blogging 101 tutorials, so I thought I would talk about what I would ask next - how to get people to read my blog!  Because we know there are countless numbers of bloggers out there that don't get noticed.  So how do you avoid being one of them?

You can write the most mind boggling, inspiring, intellectual blog post on the Internet but if you don't put some effort into getting people to your blog (traffic) no one is going to read it and your blog will serve very little purpose. So, for the next few segments of the Career Blogging 101 series I'm going to talk about ways that you can get the traffic flowing.

The first thing I want to talk about is blog commenting.  Blog commenting is great for several reasons:
  • You have to actually read the blog posts to it can also help you to get ideas for your own blog posts.
  • By commenting on others' blog you begin to build a network and your network will share, like, and tweet your blog posts.
  • You get to leave a link to your blog when you comment.
When you leave a comment to someone else's blog post you are usually given an option to leave your website.  When you have published your comment, your name should be clickable and when people click on it they will be directed to your blog and if what you have written is interesting they will read it.

This is the gist of blog commenting.  It is not rocket science.  There are a couple things you should keep in mind:
  • Spam is never acceptable.  That means  that you should never leave comments like "Great post."  
  • Leave comments that contribute to the conversation.  Share your knowledge or your opinion.
  • Don't be rude.  Even if there is something that you don't agree with and you want to say so, you can do it in a polite way.
MOST blogs commenting systems are "nofollow" - that means that while search engines will recognize that there is a link back to your site, and they will index the link, they will not consider it when it comes to page rank.  Some bloggers consider this a big deal.  It really isn't.  Page rank means very little in the big picture.  But, if you really want to consider that, you can look for blogs that have CommentLuv enable.  These let you leave not only a link to your blog but a link to your latest blog post.  Besides the fact that your link to your blog will be "dofollow" the link to your latest blog post will hopefully peak someone's interest and encourage them to go and check out your blog post.

Try to leave comments on a variety of blogs - both blogs that are popular and blogs that are less popular.  The popular blogs are likely to have loads of comments already but if you can be among the first few to comment you might get some nice traffic.  Blogs that are less popular don't have the same level of traffic but they might be more targeted to the topic of your own blog and the bloggers that own the blogs are more likely to go and  read your blog and maybe even feature you in a future blog post or recommend you to someone.

So, an easy way to start getting traffic to your career blog is to start commenting on others' blogs.  Try and and see what kind of response you get.

Now, before I leave you for the day, I'm curious - have any of you started a career blog because of this series?  If you have, please leave a comment and a link to your blog.  I'll create a link list of your blogs if there are enough of you!

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