Reaching a Goal of Working from Home

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Contest entry by Tara McConnell

My name is Tara McConnell and took the Administrative Professional/Bookkeeper course that started in
September 2010 and graduated in February 2011 at Robertson College. It was a huge step for me I was
turning 40 and lost a job that was going nowhere and had limited education and was finding it difficult
finding another job.

Through EI I found out that I could go back to school, something that I had always wanted to do but
never had the opportunity. After months of research I called Robertson College and spoke to Darlene,
the person who was truly responsible for helping me make the final decision to change my life and take
the first step in going back to school. When she says that with Robertson College you will never have
to worry out your future again she was right. Thanks Darlene I would not have done it if it were not for

All my teachers were great, and made themselves available when I was struggling or needed clarification
on something. They all have experience in the courses that they are teaching, not just rely on text books
or internet. They have lived what they teach and it really does make a difference when learning.

The students, what can I say I met some really great people there from different back grounds and
cultures all there for different reason and some for same reason as me. I learned just as much from the
other students as I did from the teachers.

When you walk in to Robertson College you’ll find that it’s like one huge family, if you need help, all you
have to ask, not just while you’re there but after you graduate to. They will do whatever they can to
help you find that perfect job. They teach you how to market yourself so that employers are knocking
themselves out to hire you. I have more confidence in myself and my abilities and with my diploma I can
work anywhere in Canada with the skills that they have taught me.

I set a goal while at Robertson College to provide Administrative Support from home. Four months after
I have graduated, I have attained that goal. I provide administrative and customer service support to a
small but very busy construction company from home and could not be happier.

Thank you to everyone at Robertson College you have truly change my life and you can’t put a price on
that experience.

Tara McConnell

Robertson College Graduate 2011

Administrative Professional/Bookkeeper
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