Five Work Principles You Should Know About - Part 1

When you finish school you might have some anxiety about having to go out and find a job that lets you apply what you have learned.  It can be hard but everyone has to do it at some point so it isn’t as bad as you likely have it built up.

Keep this in mind as you consider the five work princeples:

There is always a learning curve

The learning curve has four phases. 
  • The lag phase - This is where you learn to grasp basic knowledge and put it to use; it has a varying time length for each person.  While you have learned the fundamentals when you went to school, you will need to learn to apply that information at a job.  Every job is a little bit different so you will need to learn the ins and outs of each position.  You may need to learn to apply your existing knowledge to new knowledge and you may need to apply what you have learned in school in ways that you had not considered before.
  • The growth phase - This is when you start to learn faster and see some acceleration.  You become better at your job and you prove your worth.  Employers find employees most valuable during this phase.  Employees can really find a fit in the company that they work for if they make the most of this phase.
  • The stationary phase - In this phase you have reached educational limitations or you have become and expert.  It is at this point when you are most likely to be retrained for new positions or given promotions based on your past performance.  If you have been putting a good effort towards your work in the previous two phases, you will really see results in this phase.
  • The decay phase - your knowledge becomes out dated or you have reached the point where your lack of progress is holding you back, or your age prevents you from moving forward.  If you are not at retirement age, you may need to go back to school to get more education or you might need to take some retraining through the company you work with.  This phase can be put off indefinitely if you make learning a part of your everyday life.

If you are lucky, you don’t reach the decay phase until you are ready to retire!