Go Above and Beyond When You are Job Searching

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These days there is so much more you can do than just resume writing, cover letters, and interviews to help you get a job.  If you stop there, you will likely be at a disadvantage and it will take longer to get the job that you have been trained for.  If you really want to get a great job in less time than the average graduating student, you need to go above and beyond the standard job search tactics.

Here are some ideas for ways that you can step it up a notch:

  • Create a web site.  Or a blog.  Or both.  A web site is different from a blog in that it has static pages that don't change and generally present unchanging information. There are many places where you can create a web site for free like Yola.com or Webs.com and present your information in an attractive and eye catching manner.  I do suggest that you spend the less than $10 fee to get your own domain name though.  It gives you an air of professionalism that a sub-domain name does not have.  If you blog, you'l have a chance to demonstrate your knowledge in the field that you would like to work in.
  • Write guest posts. If you don't want to keep you your own blog, there are blogs online that cater to almost any field of study you can imagine.  And most of them will accept guest posts if they are well written.  And many of them already have an audience that is filled with people that are already working in your field.  Not only can you make some great connections, but if you mention in your  bio (the place where you can leave information about yourself and links to where you can be found) that you are currently seeking employment (and be specific - what kind? where?) you might be contacted by someone that is hiring.
  • Do your research.  I know  I've said this a thousand times but most people aren't doing this.  Not big time anyway.  Spend some time researching the company you really want to work for and your resume and cover letter will be more targeted, you'll have more to talk about at the interview, and you'll know where to connect with those important employees online so that they might be willing to vouch for you when the time comes.
Have you ever tried any of these things?  How did it work?  If you haven't why not?

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