Motivation: A Skill Employers Love

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Want to get great references from the people you work with, whether they are employers, people you have done volunteer work for, or your teachers?  I give you a hint:


If you can demonstrate that you are motivated from within, people will consider you to be a good worker.  Sure, you might have had a bad week when your kids were sick or you might have taken a bit longer to complete the work.  But if you are motivated employers will often overlook those kinds of things.

What does it mean to be motivated?  Well, here are some examples of things that motivated people might do:

  • They look for work to do when there are no customers.
  • They are not afraid to do work that is not in their job description if they are not busy with other things.
  • They are not afraid to try to do something that they have never done before.
  • They take steps to learn how to do new things without being asked.
  • When they are asked to do something that may be challenging they don't back away.
  • They ask if they can help others.
  • They jump at the chance to work on team projects.
When you are at school, do you ask for extra work when you are done or do you sit there and read a magazine?

At school, do you offer to help others when your work is completed?

When you are struggling with something at school do you ask for practice assignments?

At your job have you ever taken the initiative to help someone when your work is done?

These types of things demonstrate that you are MOTIVATED and leave a very good impression with the people you work with.  When the people you work with have a good impression of you they are more likely to give you good references.

So get motivated!

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