6 Ways to Survive Your Temporary Job

Office Lackey
Office Lackey (Photo credit: esp22)
When you are just getting started in your career you might have to take a temporary job that pays the bills until you find the job that your really want.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  It keeps money in your pocket and you can learn from every job experience and develop new skills. But the temporary jobs are not always easy to live through.

Here are 6 ways you can survive your temporary job until you find the job that you really want:

1. Stop saying “I’ll be happy when...”

Find things about your job that you like.  It could be the people you work with, the great food in the restaurant nearby or the park that you go to when you’re on you’re lunch break.  There’s always something you can be happy with.  Look for opportunities to learn from experiences or from your co-workers.

2. Don’t limit yourself to labels

Just because you have a title it doesn’t mean that you have to stick with that label.  You might be a receptionist but you likely do a lot more than that.  Instead of telling people that you are a receptionist, say, “I work as a receptionist but I also manage the hospitality team for our company and I specialize in customer relations.”  Be proud of what you do and realize that a job title is just a job title.  You are so much more than that.

3. Don’t get involved in company gossip

While the gossip mill might be a fun distraction from your day it is a big time suck and it wastes energy that you would be better off spending elsewhere. Find something better to do with your time when things get slow in the office or you are on a break.  Listen to music during your break to relax or if there is downtime do some brainstorming that will lead you towards that job that you really want.  Those who spend their quiet time with gossip are likely to still be working with the same company or in the same kind of job 5 years from now.  Will you?

4. A job worth doing is a job worth doing well

You’ve likely heard this old saying before.  Basically, its saying, do your best no matter what you do.  Be proud of being the person who does things the fastest or the most thorough even if that thing is just answering the phones or counting widgets.  It matters.  Do your best and you can be proud of what you do, no matter what you do.  And if you do it well, it is more likely to be noticed and that means in the future you are more likely to get a good reference from the company you work for.

5. Have a backup plan

Just knowing that there is another option can make it easier to get through the day.  It is those that have no options and feel trapped that become miserable in their jobs.  Keep an eye on the classifieds and know which companies are always hiring.  Do some work from home by making money at something you love.  Be prepared to walk off the job if it is making you completely unhappy and be secure in knowing that you have an escape plan.

6.  Live like you already have the job you want

Pretend that you are getting up to go to a job you love.  Live like you are already responsible for a team and make decisions like the company depends on you.  Dress well (don’t over dress but always make sure your uniform or your outfits are clean and pressed).  Not only will you feel better about your current job but you’ll be inspired, too!

You may have to live with a job you don’t want to stay at forever in the short term but it doesn’t have to make your life miserable. It is just part of your journey so find a way to enjoy it.