10 Ways to Find Things to Tweet if You Use Twitter for Professional Purposes

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Are you using Twitter for professional purposes?  If you’re not you should definitely consider it. Create a Twitter account so that you can connect with local people in your industry.  You can connect with individuals and organizations on Twitter and those connections can turn into one on one meetings that could lead to a job.

But what would you tweet about?

The key is to tweet updates that are relevant to the industry that you want to find a job in.  If you have trained as a medical professional - a health care aide, a medical transcriptionist, a medical assistant or something else related - you should tweet updates that have to do with the health care field.  That will help others find you.

But how do you find that information?  Here’s 10 ways you can find things to tweet on your industry related twitter account:
  1. Set up a Google Alert - when you search for something on Google, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and it will give you the option to set up an alert for that topic.  Once it is set up, Google will send you links to relevant material based on those links.  Presto, interesting and relevant links to tweet!
  2. Read blogs - there are blogs on every topic you can possibly imagine.  Find blogs that focus on your field of work at AllTop.com and subscribe to them with a feed reader.  This gives you more interesting material to tweet.
  3. Ask someone a question - people like to be helpful so ask a question about the field you want to work in.
  4. Answer a question - you’re learning about your industry all the time (or you should be) so if you are able to answer a question, go for it.
  5. Set up an email informational interview - if you have connected with someone on a smaller level take it to the next level and ask them if you can interview them via email.  This can be especially helpful if you connect with someone that works at a specific company that you would like to work for.
  6. Re-tweet someone’s tweet that is interesting, funny, or relevant.
  7. Comment on someone’s blog post.
  8. Introduce someone to a fellow Twitter follower if you think that they could work together (not everyone you connect with will be potential employers).
  9. Share an inspiring quote.
  10. Share a picture.

Remember that not all tweets need to be focused on your career.  Let people get to know you a little bit but always have a professional image in mind.  For example, sharing that you’re ready to tear your hair out because your kids won’t go to bed is not appropriate but sharing how much fun you had a charity event is.