Work Stress

Customers are Ignoring You
Customers are Ignoring You (Photo credit: ronploof)
Stress comes with almost every job.  Sometime stress is good - it encourages us to work to get past the stress.  Like if you have a deadline, you know you will get past the stress if you just get the work done, right?  But the majority of the time, stress is not a good  thing.  Sometimes the stress is due to our own actions and sometimes it is due to the actions of those around us.  That could be co-workers, customers, or our bosses.

If stress is part of every job we need to learn to manage it so that it has a minimal effect on whether we enjoy our job or not.

One of the things that cause stress is the people around us.  We're not always going to like the people we work with.  And you don't have to like them in order to be able to co-operate and work with them.  Remember that everyone has a place and  a purpose at your work.

If you can relieve the stress that exists between you and your co-workers, customers, and management you will find that you will like your job a lot more.  Find little ways to work around that co-worker that talks too much.  Minimize the  time that you spend with the bossy customer if you can.  Work is always a good excuse.

Some tips for improving your relations with others in the work place:

  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
  • Remember to say  please and thank you
  • When someone else's actions bring you down focus on  your  own actions
  • Keep your work as the main point of your work
  • Seek out the people that build you up
  • Spend breaks and lunches away from work on your own when you can
  • Remember that YOU are the best reflection of your work