Brand Yourself Online BEFORE You Need a Job

Yesterday I talked about what personal branding is and how it applies to your as a job searcher.  If you have not read it yet, take a minute to go and read and then come back.

Now that you understand what personal branding is you need to start now, before you need to get a job. You might already have a job or you might be in school and training for a career.  Either way, start branding yourself now because at some point you are likely going to be looking for a job.  If you wait until you actually need a job you will find that the actions you take won't make a lot of difference.  If you start now, you will be building a foundation for the future.

Personal Branding Through Blogging

Start your personal branding with a blog.  Buy your personal name as a domain name.  That way if future employers search for you your blog will be the first thing they find.  You control what they are exposed to so make sure it is good!

Here are a few things you can blog about:

  • Your education and what you learned
  • Your activities in professional organizations
  • Articles that you have read online; link to them, quote them, and share your opinion
  • Your thoughts on current trends
If you are ready to start blogging but you've never tried it before check out these blog posts:

Social media can be a great tool for personal branding but if you're not careful it can turn against you.  When you are working on branding yourself and you are using social media as one of the tools you must always be aware of what you are saying and what you are posting.  That means no snide or negative comments, no questionable pictures, and no controversy.

You can connect with people that work in the field you want to work in.  Ask them questions, share comments, and connect with them.  If you do it gently but regularly, you will get on their radar.

Start branding yourself now, before you actually need a job, and when the time comes you will have a portfolio of material that people will recognize you from.