Get Trained in the Skills You Need to Be a Virtual Assistant

 In our currently economy, people are realizing that jobs are hard to come by - especially jobs where you have creative control and can work the hours that are suitable for you.  Many people settle for lower paying jobs that they aren’t really happy with and they feel they have control.  But there are other options.

Many people are learning that they can train to get the skills they need to work from home in a variety of fields.  One of the fields that is becoming increasingly popular is virtual assistants.  It is a fairly new field and there are many ways that you can be a VA.  You can find your own private clients or you can find employment at companies that hire people to work from home on a contract basis.  The growth for this field is amazing because more and more small businesses are realizing that they do not have to hire a full time assistant.  Instead, they can hire virtual assistants to handle a wide variety of office jobs from their own homes.

Of course, you still need to have the skills that are required and training will likely be needed. 

One of the most important skills is technology skills. You’ll need to know basis computer use and you will likely need to learn to use programs like Microsoft Word and Excel.  You’ll also need to have excellent communication skills as most of the communicating of clients needs are done either by email or by Skype.  Written communication skills and reading skills are especially important in the virtual work world.

You can get basic training for a virtual assistant job by taking and administrative course.  Administrative courses usually cover skills like:
  • Microsoft Office
  • Typing
  • Communications
  • Customer service

These basis skills will give you a good start to your virtual assistant career.

As  you progress you might want to offer more services so continuous learning is important.  You could learn how to blog or set up Wordpress sites, do research and more.  The more skills you have in the online world the greater your chances of finding work on a regular basis.