Weekend Reading - Job Hunt Audits, Gadgets at Work, and more

There is one essential skill that will take your far in your career, no matter what your chosen career is: Continuous Learning.

Continuous Learning is just what it sound like - the conscious effort to always be learning new things.

One of the ways that you can make an effort to learn new things is by reading some of the great job hunting and career blogs that are available to you.

Here are 3 great blog posts that you should read this week:

Gadgets in the Workplace - Careerealism: If your work place allows it gadgets can make your job more fun and interesting.  You can make them cute or functional or both.  Things like USB drives and cup warmers make your office space more fun to be at all day long.

4 Small But Impactful Improvement Your Workplace Needs in 2013 - Blogging4Jobs: Every workplace can make improvements and you can be part of that.  Employers love it when employees make an effort to improve conditions in the workplace because it means that they are invested in their job.

20 Most Popular JobMob Articles of 2012 - JobMob: Now if you haven't found enough to read you'll certainly find what you are looking for in the collection of blog posts from JobMob.  From job fairs to using LinkedIn to finding humor in the job search, there is lots of great reading here.  I highly recommend this blog (maybe because I've guest posted for them twice!)
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