3 Simple Steps You Can Take to Move Ahead in Your Career

Career Day
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Do you feel like you are standing still with your career goals?  Do you feel like you are not moving ahead fast enough?  Then you need to take action!  These 3 simple steps will help you move ahead in your career and you can come back to them at any time and go through them again.

First, review the goals that you have set.  From time to time it is important to go over your goals. You might need to make changes based on things you have learned or new information that you have come across.  You may have changed your mind about what your ultimate goal is.  Make sure your goals are current and up-to-date so that you can plan accordingly.

Next, take some time to describe your career goals.  Knowing what you goals are and keeping them fresh in your mind will make it easier to take action.  Come up with two or three sentences that describes your goals and write it down.  Keep a copy of it on your desk, in your wallet, on your computer, in your email, and any other place that you would see it often. 

This two or three sentence statement of your goals can be used as an elevator pitch.  When you meet someone new and they ask about your career goals, you won’t stumble through a big ramble that will bore them.  You’ll have something short and sweet to say that will catch their attention!

Finally, meet someone new.  Find a person that is connected to the industry that you want to work in.  You can find this person through friends or at networking events.  Introduce yourself. Use your elevator speech.   Have a conversation.  Get contact information. 

After you have met someone new, connect with them online.  Find them on Twitter or LinkedIn or Google+.  Read what they share.  Comment.  Continue the conversation.

These three steps are easy to do and they can take very little time.  But they can be excellent steps to moving forward on your career path.

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