Medical Administrative Assistant - A Career With a Future

Over the next few years, jobs in the administrative field are expected to grow but if you want to make a little bit more money, consider specializing.  One of the fields you might consider specializing in is medical administration. 

Jobs in offices that cater to the medical field require that you understand the terminology.  You should also have computer specific skills and the ability to learn new programs easily.  With a diploma from an accredited college you can go far in a career as a medical assistant.

Most medical secretaries have a diploma in medical administration.  You can find courses like these online or in private colleges, like Robertson College.  Part of your training should include medical biling as you will be expected to understand insurance procedures. 

Some of the duties you might be expected to do include answer emails, managing databases of information regarding clients, reporting data, answering phones, and helping clients fill out forms.  There are actually many things that you will likely do on the job so being a good multi-tasker is important.

With a diploma as a medical administrative assistant you can work in a variety of places.  You might find work in a hospital or in a doctor’s private practice.  You might also find work in a long term care facility or private care facilities.  

There are even opportunities for advancement when you have a diploma as a medical assistant.  The more diverse your skills are the more likely you are to get promotions so make sure that you are continually learning and investing in education.  You could move into human resources or management.  You might even consider going back to school while you are working to get you nursing diploma.

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