Find the Right Career by Asking Questions

When you are contemplating the right career for you, make sure that you are asking lots of questions.  You might have decided that you want to work in the health care field or maybe you want to work with computers.  But do you really know what is involved with these careers?  Do you know about the good points and the bad points?  Do you actually know anyone that works in these fields?

Get Online and Research

Your first step should be to get online and do some research.  The Internet is filled with useful information on almost every career you can imagine.

Some information you should be able to find includes:
  • Education requirement
  • Salary expectations
  • Skills that you will need
  • Who is hiring
  • How many people are hired for positions
These questions will give you the basics of what you need to know.

Meet and Talk to Someone in the Industry

One of the best sources of information about a job is people that are already doing that job.  Start talking to people you know and find out if you already know someone that works in this field or if you can be introduced to someone.  Don’t be shy.  Ask for a coffee meeting or even an office meeting. 

When you meet with someone who works in the field you’ll have the chance to find out what the job is really like.  What are the best things and the worst things about their job?  Do they ever wish they’d done something else?  What skills are most often used on the job?  What are good places to look for work?  What kind of education is valued most?  What kind of job experience will help you?  When you ask questions like this, most people will be frank with you.

After you have met with them, don’t forget to thank them. Obviously, you will thank them when you are done talking to them but send them an email in a couple days, too.  Make sure that they know you appreciate their time and ask if you can contact them in the future if you have questions.

And don’t just stop at one person – speak to as many people as you can!

Talk to a Career Counselor

Most schools offer career counseling for people that are interested in attending their schools.  You should take the opportunity to talk to a career counselor to find out what the courses are like. How much do they cost and how long do they last?  Are there multiple options for payment and scheduling?  Are courses available online? 

The bottom line is that the more information you have about a career the better your understanding will be and the better the chance that you will be able to pick a career that is right for you.  Don’t rush into a career choice or you might find yourself looking for a new career 10 years down the road!

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