Learn the Different Types of Interviewers to Help You Get the Job

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In previous posts about job interviews I’ve focused on interview questions and communications skills.  But have you thought about the people that are actually doing the interviewing? They can help you decide how to answer questions and how to react on interviews.  There are several different types of interviewers and learning to identify them can help you make a better impression.

These are the 3 most common types of interviewers that you are likely to come across in an interview.

The Confused Interviewer

Have you ever come across an interviewer that just doesn’t seem to know what direction they are going in?  It happens.  The interviewer might be substituting for someone else or they just may have not been prepared for some reason.  Generally though, they just seem to be kind of unorganized and they don’t really have a direction.  This type of interviewer might cause you to become flustered and confused to, because we tend to look towards this person to guide the interview process.

This can actually be an advantage for you. Because this interviewer doesn’t really know what direction to go in, you can take the lead and give the most relevant information right off the bat. They’ll likely be relieved.  And they will see you as confident and a leader.  If you’ve done your research on the company, you can really make yourself stand out among other interviewees.

Take the opportunity to give complete answers about your education and background.  Be sure to bring your area of expertise into the conversation and highlight your strengths so that the interviewer will see you as a potential asset to the company.

The Poker Faced Interviewer

No matter what you say or do, you’re  not going to get a reaction out of this interviewer.  If you’re not confident and prepared going into the interview, this one will make you shake in your boots.

Take a deep breath before you start answering questions and remind yourself that you are qualified for the job and you have a lot to offer.  When you answer questions, focus on how you have succeeded in the past and your strengths.  Ask the interviewer questions about the job or the company to get a better vision of what they consider important.

The Wanna-be Sherlock Holmes Interviewer

This interviewer is after facts.  They will want proof of everything you say.  They may ask you if they can contact the manager or supervisor of your previous job.  They might even have looked at your social media activity.

Win this interviewer over by being very specific when answering questions.  Include dates and names of people you worked with to show that you have nothing to hide.  Be prepared for this interviewer by bring any documentation you might have that can back up your statements.  And if you didn’t have something that you could provide, offer to send it to him after the interview (make sure you have the right contact info, too).

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