Tips for Job Searching Online

Thanks to the Internet you can be very efficient in your job searches. With the many sites that post jobs on a daily basis you can use these sites to find jobs in the fields that you are looking for and in the areas you are looking for work by using advanced search techniques. Don’t give up using your network as this is where the majority of jobs are found. However, that does not mean that job listings are useless. If you can find a way to target your job search and make it efficient, online job listings can prove to be very useful.

One of the ways that you can do this is by taking advantage of RSS feeds. If you don’t already use a feed reader then I suggest you start. It can be useful for following almost any site. I use Feedly and love it. It’s very easy to use. Take some time to explore it and get a feel for it. I’ll be doing a post later on about how to use Feedly for your job search and research online.

Next, you will want to find some sites that have job listings. At the bottom of this post you’ll find a nice list to get you started.

Once you find a site that has job listings, do a search for the type of job you want or the field you want to work in and the location you want to find a job in. You’ll get some great results. Look for a little orange button that says RSS beside it or some other sort of RSS button.

If the site doesn’t have RSS feeds you can create one. I actually recommend doing this instead of just subscribing to an RSS feed on a site anyway because you can create an RSS feed that is tailored to your needs.

I use a site called FeedYes. I often create feeds of sites that don’t have them available so that I can follow them easier. One of the other features is that you can create a feed specifically for content you want, from various sites. Creat a feed manually and then name it something suitable like “Healthcare jobs” and save it. Then you can add specific urls to your feed. It’s pretty easy to do and once it is done you won’t have to go to each site individually each time you want to search for jobs online.

Now, where to find jobs? Here is a great list to get you started:

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Canada’s Top 100 Employers
Possibilities: Toronto’s Online Employment Resource Centre
Career Builder
Simply Hired
Hot Jobs
Wow Jobs
Riley Guide
Monster Canada Careers
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Eluta – The Search Engine for New Jobs in Canada
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The Vault
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Headhunters Directory
Career Jet
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