5 Android Apps College Students Will Love - #2 is Awesome!

College life has changed a lot in the past ten years.  With the advances in technology, there is more than one way to manage your studies and your life outside that.  Cell phones in particular have become part of the mainstream.  Most people have them and college student in particular use them all the time.  So why not use your cell phone to make college life just a little bit easier.

This post is focused on people who have phones that use Android apps (so it can also work for those who use Android tablets), but watch for tomorrow’s post for iPhone users!

There are a lot of apps out there for those with Android phones, so what are the apps that you should consider adding?

#1 Google Docs for Android - FREE

If you’re using Gmail to manage your email anyway, Google Docs is an awesome feature that allows you to have access to documents, presentations, excel files, and more and you can access them anywhere you have Internet.  It’s completely compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Office and your work gets saved every few seconds so there’s a minimal chance of losing work if your Internet cuts out.  You might not do all your work on Google Docs but it is great for storage and back up.  It makes it easy to study notes when you’re traveling by bus or in line at the doctor’s office.

#2 Droid Scan – FREE or Paid 

Ever wish you could just take a picture of a document or a file and actually be able to read it after?  Most of the time the writing or typing on pictures like this are just impossible to read but with Droid scan you can take a pic and it saves as a PDF and the contrast technology fixes any blurring and other problems that make it unreadable.  With Droid Scan you get a nice clean and readable PDF – just like a scan!  As a bonus, you can also sync it to Google Docs! 

#3 Study Droid Flash Cards – FREE and Paid

Many students use flash cards as a studying method and they are great because they let  you study on the go. But the more you build up the more awkward they can be to carry around.  Study Droid lets you have all of your flash cards right there on your phone and ready to use whenever you have a couple minutes. You can create the cards on your phone or from your computer and it can sync from either platform.  You can even share with friends. 

#4 Google Tasks Organizer Lite  – FREE

Since you’ve already got Gmail and Google Docs going, it’s easy to go with the theme and use a tool that syncs with Google to organize your To Do lists. You can create different lists, repeat tasks over time (weekly, daily, etc.), set reminders, color code your lists, and more.  Use it on your computer or your Android device and it will sync so it is available from both sources.

#5 Course Pro – Trial or Paid

If you want something specific for keeping track of assignments, this app is a great way to make sure things get done on time and remember when they are due.  You can even track your results to see how you are performing.