5 Reasons People are Choosing Pharmacy Careers

Healthcare careers are booming and there are many options for people who want to enter into this field.  People who have an interest in working in the healthcare field will find that there are many ways they can get started and many careers to choose from.  Many are choosing to work within the pharmacy setting as Pharmacy Technicians or Pharmacy Assistants.


Here are 5 good reasons why people are choosing a career in pharmacy:

  1. There is room for growth.  Once you have completed your training, if you find that you really love what you are doing, you can move forward in your career with more education. More education means more money and the increased likelihood of finding the job you want in the cities you want to live in.
  2. Pharmacy Technicians and Assistants get to do a wide variety of tasks, which means that there is little room for boredom.  You’ll work with customers one on one and you’ll also be behind the counter preparing medications for dispensing.
  3. You can be an important member of a health care team of professionals.  In the healthcare industry, those who work in pharmacy are becoming more and more important as they take on new tasks and even provide services like administering flu shots.
  4. You will always be busy.  Because of the increasing numbers of aging baby boomers, more medications are being dispensed every year.  Your job is important!
  5. Pharmacies often have flexible hours.  While you may find a job with regular day hours, you might prefer more flexibility by working in 24 hour pharmacies.  People are employed both part-time and full-time.

This is just the beginning.  Pharmacy Technicians and Assistants enjoy a lot of variety in their jobs and there are many different kinds of places they can find employment such as institutional pharmacies, community pharmacies, long-term care facilities, private clinics and more. All over Canada, people are discovering the rewards of a pharmacy career and helping people lead healthier lives.

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