How Versatile are You?

Are you versatile? Can you adapt, do things differently, or change your ways without having to put too much effort into it? Or is your work day dependent on following a routine and having things go just as you planned? Being versatile can be a huge advantage in the work place.

Employers appreciate the employee that is able to see the advantages of changing how things are done. In our current time, versatility is essential because technology can change the way that you do a task or the way that a project is managed in a very short time frame.
You might find yourself having to learn a new program to do something you once did manually and you will have to have the right frame of mind to do it effortlessly and to pick it up in a short time period. If employers think that you are going to whine and mumble and groan every time they introduce new technology, you are not likely to be considered for new positions.

Here are a few ways that you can demonstrate that you are versatile in the work place:
  1. Learn new things on your own. The more comfortable you are with learning new things the easier you will adapt when you have to do it in the work place. So when you’re at home on the computer, try to learn something. Learn some HTML or CSS. Create a website. Read about SEO strategies. Find a program that can help you be more efficient, learn how to use it and then show it to your boss! 
  2. Create challenges for yourself. They don’t have to be work related but get used to being challenged with something that you think will be hard to do. Run a marathon or a 5K. Join a contest or a competition of the mind. Form a new habit. Get used to getting outside of that comfort zone that is so easy to be in and when you’re not in the comfort zone at work you won’t be so uncomfortable! 
  3. Volunteer to be on a team. Team work is an important part of the work life but you may not always be sought out to be on a team. Volunteer instead. There’s no reason why you can’t put yourself forward and say that you’d be interested in being on some kind of team. Even it is something that you aren’t getting paid for you can find loads of benefits from being on a team at work. 
  4. Network. If you aren’t networking yet you should start immediately. Anyone who is successful in life and in their jobs is a good networker. They find opportunities to get out there and meet people, talk to them, and most of all, to introduce themselves and their skills. When you are networking on a regular basis – on the job, at events, and in your daily life – you will find that opportunities come to you. 
You need to be versatile in almost any job include Administrative Assistant, Software Developer, Travel Counsellor and more!