Why You Didn’t Get That Raise

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Have you recently asked for a raise and been turned down?  Or maybe  you were up for your yearly evaluation and you still have your job but you didn’t get the raise you were hoping for.  It happens.  If you’re not sure why, consider these reasons:

No Raises This Year

Times are tough all around and it is possible that the company you work for is just not approved to give raises at all this year.  Sure, someone else might have said that they got a raise but this isn’t necessarily true.  Some people just like to stir things up and make people think they are more important than they are.  Don’t listen to the gossip around the local water cooler too much.

You’re Not Meeting Expectations

Let’s face it, expectations are high for employees.  Your employers might expect you to never be sick, never be late, and always work over-time when asked.  It all depends on what kinds of behavior other employees are displaying.  If your co-workers are pushing it like crazy, normal work behavior might not be enough to get that raise that you are looking for.

Your Boss Doesn’t Know How Much You Accomplished

Employers have a lot to keep track of.  Not only do they have their own jobs to do but they also have to keep track of whether or not others are doing their jobs and if they are doing them right. So when you accomplish something – you get great results, a client says something wonderful about you, or you solve a problem that no one else was able to solve – you might have to bring it to your bosses attention. If  your boss is not aware of the things that you have accomplished this year, you could get skipped over for the raise you were hoping for, so don’t be afraid to make sure your boss sees what you are really getting done.

You’re Just Getting the Job Done

Some people think that just getting the job done is enough to get them the raise that they want.  It’s not.  In order to get a raise that is substantial, you need to step outside of your job description.  Take on challenges.  Pick up the task that no one else wants to tackle.  Join a team.  Show that you’ve developed a new skill that is going to be valuable to the company as a whole.  Don’t be satisfied with just doing your job. Be ready to excel and to grow within your job.

You’re Not Easy to Work With

Companies need team players.  They need people that others are happy to work with.  If you are defensive, grouchy, and hard to be around, you are not one of those people.  That means that they type of work you do and the people you work with is limited.  The more limited you are in your job, the less likely you are to get the raise you want.