6 Reasons Offices Need Administrative Assistants

Picture source: http://www.freeimages.com/photo/76376
Sometimes as admin assistants we tend to feel forgotten and maybe even a little neglected. But remember that even when people don't say anything they know they need you. Where would they be without your vast arra of skills?

Next time you need a little encouragement give yourself a pat on the back and remember these 7 reasons why your office needs you:

1. Phones - yes, phones are important and no, not everyone can handle them well! Answering the phones all day long takes a huge amount of patience. Sometimes people forget how frustrating it can be to be asked 20 times a day what your hours of operation are. Don't they know how to use the Internet? The ability to be able to answer the same questions over and over again (because, lets face it, around 50% of the phone calls we get are all about the same few topics) take patience. And of course there are the harder questions, too. Knowing how to answer them and how to decide who to direct them to is important. I'll bet the sales manager wouldn't be too impressed about getting the phone calls that are supposed to go to the advertising manager!

2. Filing - let's be honest here: not everyone can manage a sophisticated filing system! Most people would be losing things left, right, and center if they had to take care of the organization of the files on their own. But you - you know exactly where to find that invoice from September of 1999 from ABC Co! And the same goes for the documents, reports, and letters that you give your attention. Can't you just imagine the staff running around like crazy people if you weren't there to keep the filing system under control?

3. Challenging customers - every business has them and I'm sure you can think up some much more colorful terms than "challenging", too! You deal with them every day (or at least several times a week) so that your boss or manager doesn't have to be distracted from projects to discuss why it is more beneficial for you to send the delivery by Canada Post than it is by UPS.

4. The stockroom stays full (and at a decent price) - when a manager wants more pens they want them now.  They don't want to have to hear that it will be there in 24 hours. They want them now. And that goes for paper, file folders, paper clips, and so on. When you find better prices they are even happier because saving money is always good.

5. Managing time & appointments - without you there to keep them on track there would be people walking in the office expecting to see the managers whenever they wanted to but your great time management skills means that managers see the people they need to see and get their work done at the same time. That's not always an easy thing to do! I'm sure that they are greatful when they are able to reach deadlines because you've cleared their schedule for the day!

6. Keeping records - there are loads of records that need to be kept in an office and someone has to answer for all of them. Records for delivery expenses, records of meeting, and records of inventory. When a report needs to be submitted and they need records to back it up, you know where to find the records and they'll be accurate records, too.

7. And finally, and most importantly, they need you so they can get THEIR work done. Without you they would have to answer the phone, maintain records, deal with challenging customers, and all the things mentioned above. You know how much time and effort it takes you to do that so imagine if they had to do that (and you know that they wouldn't be able to do it nearly as efficiently as you do!) - they would never have time to get their work done and no one at the company would make money! And then the company would fold and people would be out of jobs and...

you get the idea - you're important and even if they don't say it all the time, they do know it.