Enhance Your Online Learning with Online Study Groups

Are you taking an online course? If you are, you may find that it can be very lonely sometimes. It is not the same as a college course where you go to the bricks and mortar college and sit with your classmates to learn each day. When you take an online course you may find that it is harder to learn without the help of your peers.

There is a solution though. One of the ways that you can help yourself learn is by meeting with your peers who are taking the same online courses online. You can meet in a variety of ways.


Facebook is one of the most popular sites. Many of your peers who are taking online college courses may already be on Facebook. Through Facebook groups, you can meet and talk about the material that you are learning. It helps to have one or two moderators or administrators of the group who will guide the conversation. This person or persons can be the people who originally started to group or they can be people that are assigned, perhaps by an instructor.

One of the advantages of Facebook study groups is the ability to share files. Anyone who is in the group can share a file with everybody else that is in the group. Another advantage of Facebook groups is that the groups can be closed or secret so that no one else can find them. That makes it easier to express yourself in a safe environment.

Google+ Hangouts

If you are looking for a more face to face interaction you might want to consider Google+ Hangouts. Google+ is a social network like Facebook. However, the hangouts option of Google+ allows people to meet in small groups and have live discussions. In these Google+  Hangouts, several people can get together and talk about the material that they are learning in online college courses.  This can be a great way to go over materials that you have already learned and study for exams with your peers.

Other Options

There are many other places where you can form groups of people who have similar interests, like people who are studying a college course. LinkedIn is also very good for groups. People can gather and talk about their course materials and what they are learning. You may also find forums where you can discuss what you're learning.

Check with the school where you are taking your online course first. The school may already have a forum, chat setting, or other means of meeting with your peers. If these places where you can meet online and talk to your peers that are learning the same material as you are already set up, it is best to use these. However, if this is not supplied for you, don't be afraid to reach out and find people who are taking college courses online.

Meeting with others who are taking the same online course as you are is a great way to learn your material better. You can go over what you have already learned. You can also ask questions of your peers. And you can also help others if there something that you're very good at.