Job Search Tactics That You Might Not Have Thought Of

Sometimes the people who are looking for jobs that get the best results are the ones that think creatively.  They don’t settle for all the normal job search tactics.  They think outside the box and find new and innovative ways of reaching the people that can help them get the job they want.

How you use your creativity to find jobs is up to you but you might get some good ideas from these job search tactics.


Some people think that blogging is just for people who are out to make money with it or want to take pictures of food all day long but blogging can be a great tool for job searchers.  Although it can take some time to learn your blogging platform and use it on a regular basis, it can help you get noticed.  You can blog about things that are going on in your industry, local happenings, and other information that companies might search for when they are looking for people online.  Include a link to your LinkedIn profile and you have a strong tool that can help you get notice.  You can even include a link to your blog on your resume or in your cover letter.

Make Cold Calls

Your chances of getting a job increase substantially when you get an opportunity to talk to someone in person so why not put yourself out there and make yourself available?  You should make sure that you are prepared to talk to hiring personnel at any given moment.  Know what you are going to say and be ready to answer questions.  You may not get to talk to someone immediately but it could lead to the opportunity to make an appointment to call back when they are not so busy.  Not many people use cold calling and if you do, you will stand out as being proactive!  When you talk to someone in person, you become more “real”, instead of just being another resume.


Volunteering is a great way to grow skills but it can be ideal for making real connections.  You might even consider finding out what charities a company that you want to work for volunteers with.  If you can, arrange to be volunteering on the same day as that company and get out there and be friendly.  Don’t be afraid to have conversations and steer them towards your job goals.

Create  a YouTube Video

Imagine you’re an employer who is looking through resumes and you find one that has a link to a YouTube video.  Wouldn’t you be curious?  Of course you would.  And you’d likely go and check it out just because you had to know what it was! And if that YouTube video was well put together and interesting and the person talked about subjects that were relevant to the job they were applying for wouldn’t you call them in for an interview?  You might.  YouTube is a great channel for letting others see who you are and what you are like.  Put some time into practicing what you want to say.  Make sure that you are not reading a script.  Be genuine. 

Think Outside the Box

If you approach your job search the same as everyone else, expect to be looked at the same as everyone else.  But if you think outside the box?  You will get notice. Be creative.  Think about the industry you want to work for and how would be the best way to get their attention. 

Here are a couple people that thought outside the box:

Woman hands out business cards:

Man takes out Google ads: