Top 5 Skills Every Pharmacy Technician Should Have

Pharmacy technicians play an important role in our world.  They help the pharmacist in providing medications to people.  They inform those who come in for medications, answer questions, and make sure that they understand how to take their medications.  Pharmacy technicians are important and it is vital that they know how to do their job well.
These are some of the skills that pharmacy technicians should have:

Numeracy Skills

Math skills (or numeracy) must be used when prescriptions are being filled in the correct dosages.  Metric measurements are generally used so pharmacy technicians must be comfortable using metric and able to make conversions when necessary.  A pharmacy technician receives proper training in this when they take an accredited course.


Pharmacy technicians must be able to memorize a great deal of information to be recalled when needed.  These are often complicated names to medications.  Some of them will be similar but they will differ in the effects and the purposes so it is important to be able to distinguish between them.  New medications are constantly coming on to the market and you must be able to learn their names and remember how to say them and what they are for.


The environment in which pharmacy technicians work is generally quite fast paced, so it is essential that you maintain good organization skills in your job.  This will help you to make sure that medications are dispensed properly at the right dosages and to the right patients.  Being organized helps you stay focused on important details like names of medications and doses.  It will also help you notice mistakes that might be made before the medication gets into the hands of the patient.


Pharmacy techs must practice communicating in both verbal and written forms.  You must be able to communicate your questions to the pharmacist and relay messages to customers.  Customers will often have questions of their own and you need to be able to answer these properly and in a manner that they understand.  Sometimes this means translating pharmacy jargon into layman words that are easier to comprehend.  Being effective when you are communication can mean the difference between customers taking medications properly and misunderstandings that can have serious consequences.

Computer Skills

Customer information is obtained and then recorded in a computer.  Their file will tell  you what medications they are on, what they have used in the past, and when they last picked up their medications.  It is vital that pharmacy technicians understand basic computer use and are able to learn the necessary programs and software that are used behind the counter.

How can you learn these skills?

An accredited Pharmacy Technician program will teach you all of these skills and more.  You will get the opportunity to learn from an instructor that has worked in the industry and you will have a chance to put these skills to use in classroom situations.  Towards the end of your course, you should be able to put your skills to practice in a work placement in a real world situation.