Ways for Admins to Cope With Changes in Management

In our world management changes are something that you will need to deal with at some point in time.  It’s a fact of life – businesses are sold, new management comes in, and there are always changes that have to be coped with.  But coping with those changes certainly is not easy.

So how do you cope with those changes?  How do you make those changes a little easier to live with?  How can you help others in the office get used to changes in management?

One of the most important things you can do when new management takes over the office is to keep an open mind.  There is a very good chance that they make take the company in a completely different direction.  They may bring in new software and programs that you are unfamiliar with.  They might shuffle peoples’ jobs around.  It would be very easy to get on the defense and start pointing out all the flaws with the new direction.  It would be very easy to join others around the water cooler as you pick apart every idea they have and suddenly start missing the very same things that you used to complain about.  Instead, keep an open mind.  Most of the time new things are brought about because they have had a good degree of success in other situations.  Have faith that the new management have a clue what they are doing.

Take time to listen.  This will really help you to understand what direction the new managers are going in.  Take an interest and ask questions.  The new managers are likely to be quite excited about the direction that the company is going in and are likely to be more than willing to talk about it.  The more you listen the more you will understand what expectations are for yourself and for your co-workers.  It will be easier to accept the changes and understand them.

Now that you know what is expected and understand changes it will be easier for you to become a change champion.  A change champion is someone that helps others in the company transition between old standards and new expectations.  You can listen to your co-workers and translate their concerns for new management.  You can give example of how changes like this have been good in the past and encourage your co-workers to look for the positive.

If you practice these three things – have a positive attitude, take time to listen, and become a change champion – changes in management will be a lot easier to cope with.