What Skills Make a Great Network Systems Administrator?

Many people are attracted to the career of Network Systems Administrator because it has good starting salaries and it has a lot of potential to move forward. Here are some of the skills that are necessary to acquire in order to do well in a career as a Network Systems Administrator:

Organization Skills

You must be able to think logically and create schedules while following procedures.  You need to follow instructions and sometime you will need to delegate work.  You must be able to schedule things like backups of servers and do regular maintenance on programs in a timely manner.  You must make sure that everything is maintained properly so that problems do not occur in the future. 


You must keep up-to-date with the latest news in technology. This will help you to trouble shoot problems and come up with solutions. Your ability to deal with technological issues using the latest solutions will make you great at your job.

Love Variety

If you are the type of person that loves to do different things on a daily basis, you will find that being a Network Systems Administrator is a great job for you. You will get to wear a variety of hats each day.  One day you might be installing new software in the morning and then in the afternoon you may be showing a contractor where your equipment cabling runs.

Working with People

You will be dealing with many types of people throughout the day. You must be able to answer questions and make recommendations and troubleshoot problems. A Network Systems Administrator that can handle the technical aspects of the job and work with people in a pleasing manner is an asset to any company.

Love Challenges

When someone has a problem you have never come across before, you must jump to the challenge to find the right solution.  This requires bringing up knowledge you already have an applying it to situations that you have never encountered before. If you love this kind of challenge, you can do great as a Network Systems Administrator.

The job of a Network Systems Administrator is never boring.  It is challenging and always different from day to day.  You need to love technology and be able to think in multiple directions.  If this sounds like you, then check out a Network Systems Administrator course and get started in a career that has loads of potential for the future.