4 Tips For Getting That Promotion

If you’ve been at the same job and have been watching others who have been hired after you get promoted before you, it might be time to do a little bit of self-evaluation.  In our day and age, with the vast amounts of competition in the job market and within companies, it is not enough to have simply worked at a company for a period of time and have seniority. You need to really be promotion minded in order to stand out among your peers. 
Here are some tips to help you get that promotion:

Give 100% Effort, 100% of the Time

No matter what job you are doing, you are being watched.  Maybe not every time you do it but at some point, the boss is watching you work on various tasks. And the boss is taking notes.  If there is a spill and you are asked to clean it up, do your grumble about it under your breath as you are taking care of it in a half-way-done manner?  If you have a great attitude, no matter how inconsequential your job is, it will be noticed.  Take pride in doing every task you do, well.  Do it with style and class.  And it wouldn’t hurt to smile.

Think Like a Leader

If you always think like a follower that is all that you will be thought of as.  If you want to be promoted you need to think like a leader.  That means considering long-term effects, looking at the overall picture instead of just the picture that they expect you to see, and taking initiative to learn more and get more information than is needed, without being asked to.  Leaders need to be able to think creatively and work well with teams.  When you are doing any job, ask questions to better understand how the task you are in charge of fits into the greater whole.  Be willing to step outside of your current role to learn new things in the company and to understand how the company functions beyond what you are responsible for.

Know How Your Role Contributes to the Company

If you don’t understand why your job in the company is important how can you expect to contribute to your best ability?  You should understand exactly what your contribution means to the company and how you can make your contribution better.  Once you understand this, you can find out what you need to learn and what you need to do in order to be considered for bigger roles.  You can focus on the parts of your job that will demonstrate your ability to take on other roles.

Dress For the Job You Want

Once you have your sight on another job in the company, observe others in that position.  Watch how they dress and imitate their style.  Watch how they communicate and deal with other staff members, as well.  Observe their interactions, their stance, and how they present themselves.  And don’t just imitate anyone.  Watch for the one or two people that are considered the best in their role.