6 Ways to Improve Office Morale

Working in an office where morale is low is hard – there is no doubt about that.  But you are just an admin assistant.  What can you do about it?
People look to the administrative assistant for many things and keeping up morale is just one of them.

Here are a few of the ways that you can help improve the morale of your office:
  1. Smile when you talk to people.  I know I have said this before but this one deserves to be repeated.  There is nothing that improves mood better than talking to someone that is smiling.
  2. Thank people.  Again – this deserves to be repeated.  When people feel appreciated they feel good about the job they are doing.
  3. Ask people for their opinion.  When you ask someone for their thoughts, opinions, or ideas you are telling them that what they have to say is important.  No matter what position people hold they like to know that others value their knowledge and thoughts.
  4. Suggest group events.  Go out as a group for lunch.  Go to a movie together on a weekend.  Participate in charity events.  When people get to know each other work becomes a place they are more comfortable in.
  5. Laugh and make others laugh.  Practical jokes in the office can go a long way if they are harmless and don’t take up a lot of time. 
  6. Start an office library.  When staff feel stimulated they are more likely to put their full effort into their jobs.  They are also more likely to implement new ideas and be proud of what they know.  Ask everyone to bring in books and magazines that they are willing to share.  They can be focused on topics that are relevant to the business but you can also share hobbies and common interests like social media or sports that everyone is interested in.
People are most motivated when they feel intellectually challenged, appreciated, and when they are laughing so improve morale by helping others (and yourself) to meet those needs.