Jobs You Can Do from Home with Diplomas from Robertson College

English: LCF short course business student
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Have you always wanted to work from home and run your own business?  This option is becoming more and more attractive to many people today because it means they can create their own work.  There are many benefits to working from home in your own business but it is not for everyone.  It takes a great degree of self-discipline and a lot of hard work.  After all, when you go to a job for an employer outside your home, they have work all ready for you to do. When you have your own business, you have to go and find the work! 

But if you are determined to have a job that you can do from home, Robertson College courses give you the skills to do that.  Here are some of the courses that can lead to work at home jobs:

1.  Accounting & Administrative Courses

With a diploma in accounting or administrative courses from Robertson College you can work from home as a virtual assistant.  Virtual assistants are in demand from small businesses for several reasons.  One of the biggest reasons is that they don’t have to be employed full time.  They can work for an hour or two a day for one business and a hour a day for another business.  For some small businesses that can be a very attractive option. You can take care of their digital filing systems, monitor email, write business letters, do bookkeeping, and more.  You set your prices and your hours. 

2. Travel Counselor

Travel Counselors often work for larger companies but you can work for yourself from your own home, too.  Many travel counselors work exclusively online while others go to people’s offices or homes to make arrangements. There are many people who love the ideas of being able to work out travel arrangements without having to leave their office to go to someone else’s office. 

3. Event Coordinator

Are you a people person?  Do you love organizing parties and events?  If  you do the Casino, Resort, and Event Coordinator course is for you. When you complete this course you will have all the skills that you will need to offer event services for things like weddings, anniversary parties, staff parties, and more.  There are many businesses that do not employ someone to do these types of work on a full time basis but need someone from time to time. 

Do these sound attractive to you?  Then contact a career counselor today to talk about your options.  Fill in the form at the top right of our page and someone will be happy to talk to you!