Myths About Private Colleges

Private School
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There is a lot of people who believe that private colleges are not as good a traditional colleges.  They worry that the diploma that they get might not hold value or that they won’t be able to get a job because they have a diploma from a private college.  There are many myths that need to be cleared up.

MYTH #1 Private schools are for those that can’t get into “real” colleges.

There are many reasons that students might choose to go to a private college instead of a traditional college.  One of the reasons is that the classes are generally smaller, which means that students get more attention from the instructor.  In the long run, that means that their learning can be more targeted and students have a better understanding of how to apply their skills that they have learned in the real world.

MYTH #2  Private schools don’t give out diplomas.

The type of certification offered depends on the school and then length of the course.

MYTH #3 Private school are for students that have bad academic records.

For many students, getting into the workforce as quickly as possible is their main concern and many private schools can get you there in a year or less.  Also, most private schools offer work practicum as part of the course so you get to learn on the job.  No matter what kind of academic record a student has, they will need to work hard to benefit from the private school experience.  Private schools are not easier – just different.

MYTH #4 You won’t get a good paying job with a diploma from a private school.

There are many jobs that students go to from a private school education and salary ranges vary, just as they do with a university education.  Some start out around the $25,000/year range and then increase while others start as high as $40-50,000/year.   

MYTH #5  Employers don’t hire people with private school educations.

The fact is that employers hire those with the best skills to suit the job and if you choose a private school that helps you develop those skills, employers don’t care where you went to school.  Many of the skills that  you learn in a private school setting are transferrable, meaning that they can be useful in a variety of jobs.

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