5 Tips to Make Monday Mornings More Efficient

You all know what Monday mornings are like.  Sometimes they are rushed.  Sometimes they lag.  And sometimes they are just plain chaotic.  It just seems to be a Monday thing.  On Monday morning, no one seems to get very much done.  But you could be the one your boss is looking at on Monday morning and thinking, “Gee - look at them go!  I wish everyone was that efficient on Monday mornings!”

Do you want to be that person?  Or do you at least want to not feel like someone has slowed down your brain?  Here’s some tips to make Monday mornings more efficient for you:

  1. Plan for them.  On Friday when you leave the office know what you have to do on Monday when you get back.  Prepare a list and have it somewhere you can see it when you come in Monday morning.  Start with something that you can do with your eyes closed and then move into the more complicated stuff.  Yes, I know, most people will tell you to start with the hardest thing first.  But not on Monday.  If you accomplish something right away you will feel more motivated by the time you get to the more complicated stuff.
  2. Have a good meal before you leave for the office.  A hot meal will get you revved up and give you the energy you need but cold cereal and milk can do the trick, too.  At the very least, have a breakfast bar or shake that will give you the calories and protein that you need.
  3. Play something that will get your mind jumping on the way to work.  Whether you drive or take public transportation you can listen to some heavy metal music or some techno sounds to get you revved up.  Or maybe music isn’t your thing.  Try a great comedy recording to make you laugh or your favourite morning show on the radio. Or how about a heated political discussion. 
  4. Get to the office early.  Yes, I said early - on a Monday morning.  You and I both know that Monday mornings are hard to get your brain wrapped around so give your brain some extra time.  If you need to sit there staring mindlessly at the computer screen for five minutes at least it won’t put you behind.  Get your coffee, organize something on your desk, or whatever you need to do to be ready to get down to business but by the time you are supposed to start you will be ready to go.
  5. Greet everyone with a smile and put some pep in your step.  There’s some truth in they saying, “Fake it until you make it.”  It means that if you smile long enough you will feel happy.  If you put some bounce in your step, you will feel energized.  It doesn’t take much.  Energy and happiness are contagious so when you send it out there into the work world it will be returned and you’ll feel even better.