6 Reasons You Should Consider Sticking It Out at Your Job

It happens to everyone at some point.  That sneaky little voice in your mind speaks up and says, “You should quit your job!”  The voice has lots of reasons why you should quit like problems with co-workers or too much overtime or the fact that it just makes you dread getting up every day.  But does that voice give you the other side of the argument?  Does it ever tell you why you shouldn't quit your job?

As many reasons as you can think of to quit your job, there are likely as many reasons to stay.  Consider these reasons to consider sticking with your job – at least for now.

#1 It Pays More Than Quitting

Yes, if you quit your job you no longer have an income.  Unless you've got substantial savings or your family is well off and willing to support you, you need to have some kind of job to pay the bills.  Do you have another job waiting for you if you quit?  Not likely. So, stick with it until you have a plan and you know how you’re going to be able to support yourself if you do quit.

#2 You Need References

If you quit your job you’re going to need professional references to get a new job.  Those references could come from the job you are at currently.  Try to keep a professional and upbeat attitude at this job so that your co-workers and supervisors will have something good to say about you.

#3 It Might Help You Find Your Dream Job

Not sure what kind of job you really want to have?  Then why move forward if you’re not sure what you’re moving forward to.  Think about what you do like about the current job and what kind of jobs you could do that would carry over the skills you like to use the most.

#4 Networking

Yes, you could be networking at the very job that you want to leave.  It’s not the people you don’t like (at least not everyone hopefully) but the job itself.  Take the time that you are at this job to engage with your co-workers and even superiors.  You can network both within and outside of the company so take advantage of the opportunity.

#5 Structure

Without a job we lose structure and without structure we become less productive.  Even though it might seem that you’ll have more time to look for a new job if you quit this one, the fact is that the time you have will likely become less productive because there is always more of it. When time is limited, we tend to make better use of it.

#6 Benefits

If your job  has benefits, you shouldn’t give them up before you have to.  The next job might not have benefits or benefits as good as you have right now.  Beside the most obvious benefits like healthcare, education reimbursement, and such you may also have other benefits that you have not considered.  Do you have opportunities to attend conferences, webinars, or workshops?  Do you have access to a mentorship program?  Why give these up before you actually need to?