7 Job Search Mistakes You Must Avoid

Job seekers destination
Job seekers destination (Photo credit: Newton Free Library)

Have you graduated from college recently and started your job hunt?  Or perhaps you’ve been laid off from a job or for some other reason have found yourself looking for a job again.  If this is the case you need to avoid these 7 big mistakes that job hunters make:

1. Job search with no direction

When you start a job search you should know what kind of job you are looking for, what your idea job is, what department of a company that you want to work in, and more.  Spend some time thinking about what your dream job is if you want to find it.  The next time you fill out an application or get a resume ready to send out you will be able to target your answers towards getting the job that you really want.

2. Your resume is way too long

Longer resumes are not better.  In fact, they are worse than a nice one or two page resume.  Make sure that the information you include on your resume is targeted towards a specific job and week out the extraneous information so that your resume is relevant to the employer.  Don’t waste his/her time by including information that has nothing to do with the job.  Highlight critical information  and skip the boring details.

3. Not taking your job search offline

It is very easy to conduct your job search online. You can apply for jobs on company web sites.  You can email your resume and cover letter.  You could potentially do your entire job search online, but it might not be a very fruitful job search.  Get off the computer and go to some networking events or job fairs where you can actually meet people, shake hands, and connect in the real world.  And don’t forget to talk to others that are attending the events - you never know where your next job is going to come from.

4. You don’t look employable

Yes, I’m talking about the way you dress.  If you want to get that job you need to be dressed like a professional, not like a sexy co-ed that is on her way to a party and not like you just came from the gym.  If you dress unprofessionally you are telling potential employers that you don’t really care about the job you are applying for.

5.  You lack interviewing skills

The interview is your big chance to sell yourself and do you really think you are going to do that if you can’t answer a question or you are chewing your nails.  Practice good interviewing skill like making eye contact, sitting up straight, and answering common interview questions before you even step foot into the interview room.

6.  You put your previous employer in a negative light

Even if what you are saying is true you should never say negative things about your employer.  When asked why you left your last job be prepared to give an answer that will leave them thinking that your last employer was great but you are just so motivated that you are ready for bigger challenges.

7.   You follow through

After the interview, if you think you are done with this prospective employer until you get the job you are wrong.  Follow up the interview with a thank you note.  Timed right it might be just the thing that you need to get the job.  Don’t talk about things that you’ve already told them.  Perhaps bring something new to their attention or just let them know that the interview solidified your belief that this is the right company for you to work at.