DON’T Waste Time with These Job Search Mistakes

If you’re looking for a job it can take up a lot of your time.  There are so many things you could be doing.  That’s why it is important to get rid of the time wasters – the things that just are not doing any good.  Hard work is good – working hard at tasks that are a waste of time is not.

Make sure that you’re not wasting your time on these job search mistakes:

#1 Using the Same Job Search Methods You’ve Used for Years

Times have changed.  The way you used to look for a job is not likely as effective as it once was.  Techniques that were used 10 years ago, 5 years ago, or even a year ago may not be the best ways to find a job.  Do you exclusively use the Internet to look for jobs?  Try attending a networking event for a change of pace.  Do you only visit certain job boards?  Try looking at a new one.  Is your resume the same one you’ve been using for years?  Give it an update!

#2 Trying to Get Jobs You Know You’re Not Qualified For

It can be tempting to apply for every job that even remotely applies to you – especially when jobs in your field are scarce.  The thing is that the employer listed certain criteria for a good reason. It may be that they simply don’t have time to train someone or that the skills they have listed are critical to doing the job right.  If you don’t have the skills, your resume and cover letter will likely end up in the slush pile and you’ve wasted time putting them together when you could be doing something more worthwhile.

#3 Applying for Jobs You Don’t Really Care About

If you don’t care if you get the job or not, why would you waste time applying for it?  If you do get an interview, that will be more time wasted.  You also waste the employer’s time.  You may urgently need a job but focus on the ones that you really want.  Put extra effort into your resume and cover letter for those jobs instead of spending time filling out applications for jobs you know you’ll hate.

#4 Phone Sitting

Had a great interview?  It might be tempting to sit by the phone and wait for that call because you know that you’re going to get it – but what if you don’t? Or what if the employer has had a lot of interviews and it is going to take weeks to evaluate them all?  Or they just have a lengthy hiring policy?  You could be waiting for a long time and if you’re just sitting by the phone waiting, you’re wasting time that could be better spent.  Continue your job search.  Do more company research.  Keep applying for jobs.

#5 Mass Applications

Do you have one resume that you mass mail/email to each job you apply for?  This is not going to make you stand out.  Yes, it takes more time to customize your resume for each job but you’ll have to put in fewer applications in order to get results – interviews and job offers!  Make sure that your resume is relevant to the specific job that you are applying for.