I Just Lost My Job! Now What???

Finding out that  you’ve lost your job can be a terrifying thing.  I’ve seen people’s reactions when they have been told that they no longer have a job and they can be mixed with terror, anger, and just general frustration.  It’s hard because the job market is tough and everyone knows it.

So, what do you do when you’ve lost your job?

Get Your Frustration Out Of Your System

You need to get rid of that anger, terror, or frustration that is filling up inside you before it takes over so call email or text a friend and have a good vent.  Heck, call 10 friends.  Do it right away because telling your story and your experience will help you move on to a place where you can be more productive.  If  you hover in this stage too long it can turn into self-pity and that won’t help you get another job.

Have a Professional Look Over Legal Papers

Before signing off on any legal papers that the company you’ve been let go from is likely to want you to sign, make sure you have adequate time to read them.  Don’t sign them blindly.  And if there is anything that even remote raises warning flags in your mind or that you just don’t understand, have a legal professional look it over and explain it to you.  Make sure that you really are in agreement with what you are signing.

Ask for Support

You need to tell your family and closest friends right away and let them know that you are depending on them for support.  If you are one of the main bread winners in the house, there is bound to be some worry and concern but remind them that with their support you will be fine.  Keep them up to date and don’t hide things so that they don’t worry in the future.

See a Career Coach Or Counselor

A counsellor or career coach can be especially helpful if you have been working at the same job for a long period of time.  They can get you up to date with what the current job market is like, what skills are most desirable, and what steps you need to take.  They can help you formulate a plan for your job search and give you guidance and advice that you may not come across otherwise.

Start Researching Jobs on the Internet that Very Night

When you go home that night don’t let yourself wallow in self-pity.  Get on the Internet and start thinking about where you want to work.  If you think about this as a chance to get your dream job you will feel a little bit better about the whole thing.  Think about the company that you have always wanted to work for and start looking for every little bit of information you can find about them.  Look for news articles, blog posts, videos, and anything else that pertains to the company and the leaders of that company. Start taking notes and get ready to put together the best job application package they have every seen.