Interviews: Answering the Question “Tell Me About Your Ideal Job”

Interviews are tough.  Anyone who has ever been on an interview knows that.  Yet, interviews are important.  They tell the employer a lot about you and if you don’t choose your answers carefully it can tell them the wrong thing about you!

One of the questions that can be tough to answer is, “Tell me about your ideal job.”  It’s such an open ended question.  There are so many ways to answer it.  And you know that each company is looking for something different.

Of course, if you have done your company research you should have a pretty good idea what they are looking for.  You should be able to figure out more or less what they want to hear.

But you could have a script of what they want to hear and still mess up this question because how you deliver your answer is just as important as what you actually say.

I’ve found three great videos that demonstrate the good, the bad, and the ugly answers that employers have heard.

The Good

Points to take away:
  • Make eye contact.
  • Use personal traits to support your answer.
  • Demonstrate your interest in teamwork.
  • Show how your skills are relevant to the position.
  • End with the most important responsibility of the job.

The Bad

Points to take away:
  • Don’t start by making it about you.
  • Don’t ask for your own office.
  • Avoid too much personal information.
  • Don’t focus on your needs.
  • Avoid vague clichés.

And just for fun...

The Ugly

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