Questions You Should Ask During a Networking Event or Lunch

You already know that networking should be an important part of your job strategy so if you’ve been listening you either have been to or have set up some events or lunches where you can start connecting with professionals in your field. You’ll find people who have been working in your field for several years or more that are happy to help someone that is new and eager to learn.

The question you might be asking though is this: what questions should I ask?  You should be prepared with questions that you can ask people and be comfortable asking them.  Also, be prepared to really listen to and hear their answers.

Here’s 7 questions you can ask at networking events:

  1. Basic questions: These are the questions you might expect that everyone ask but they are good to help you get a gist of what the job of the  person you are talking to entails.  This includes questions like:  How did you get started in this field? What did you expect from your career when you first started and is that different from what you experienced?  What do you do in your current role in the company?
  2. What are your company’s values and how comfortable are you with them?  Some companies are very competitive these days and not everyone is cut out for that.  It’s good to know what companies are like before you start working for them.
  3. Was there a learning curve and were you able to deal with that?  Finding out about a learning curve at a company that you want to work for and learning the best way to deal with it can help you get the job, keep the job, and advance in your career.
  4. Have there been changes in the roles in your field since you started?  Being adaptable and knowing how you might be expected to adapt can prepare you for things to come.
  5. Are you happy with your current position or are you looking for something new in the future?
  6. What are co-workers like and have you ever had issues with a co-worker?  If so, how did they deal with it?
  7. Can you recommend someone else in your field that I should talk to?  Get contact details if possible