Things You Can Do in 10 Minutes to Help Your Future Career

Here are 50 things you can do in 10 minutes to help your future career:

  1. Delete inappropriate Facebook photos
  2. Study a small portion of your school work and understand it 
  3. Change your Facebook bio to something interesting so that the person reading will be interested in 10 seconds! 
  4. Work on your elevator pitch.
  5. Practice your elevator pitch.
  6. Read an article about the company you are interested in working for.
  7. Create a Twitter account just for job search purposes.
  8. Create your LinkedIn profile.
  9. Write a fabulous bio for LinkedIn
  10. Find a group on LinkedIn that is focused on job search in your area.
  11. Answer a question in a post or discussion on LinkedIn.
  12. Write a specific objective for your resume to be used when applying to a specific job.
  13. Send an email to someone that is in your network to let them know that you are looking for a job and ask if there is anyone that they would be willing to introduce you to.
  14. Search through your closet and put together the perfect interview outfit (do this several times until you have a few of them lined up if you can).
  15. Send a thank you note to someone that has done something for you recently.
  16. Prepare an answer for an interview question that you are likely to have ("Tell me about yourself" or "Tell me about a time that you...")
  17. Practice answer a common interview question.
  18. Read an article (online or offline) that is related to something newsworthy in your career field.
  19. Find a blog that is related to job search or your career field and subscribe to it by email so you don't miss any updates.
  20. Outline a blog post that you could write for a blog that is focused on your career field.
  21. Brainstorm a list of companies that you would like to work for.
  22. Look up the company web sites of one of the companies you would like to work for.
  23. Look for news articles of one of the companies you would like to work for.
  24. Find out who the owner/CEO is for one of the companies you would like to work for.
  25. Look for interviews with the owner/CEO of one of the companies you would like to work for.
  26. Write a mission for yourself
  27. Create a list of things to do this week that will get your further in your job search.
  28. Create an page to highlight who you are and why someone should hire you.
  29. Create a list of things you have done on the job or in school that you are proud of and demonstrates a specific skill.
  30. Record yourself talking about yourself and watch it to look for verbal communication that you may be relaying without knowing it (your webcam is great for this)
  31. Study the want ads for people that are hiring in your career field (even if you're not ready to apply for them) and make a list of the skills that are required.
  32. Write an email to request an informational interview with someone that has a job that you would like to have.
  33. Make a list of questions to ask in an informational interview.
What else can you think of?  Leave your suggestions in a comment.