What Are Transferable Skills?

Transferable skills are the abilities that employers search for and  want when they are hiring.  They are the kinds of skills you see asked for all the time in job listings.  They are skills that can be put to use in a wide variety of way and in many types of jobs.  If you have transferable skills you will find that getting a job is much easier than with only job specific abilities.

Here are some of the transferable skills that most employers look for:

  • Written communications – You absolutely need to have good writing skills.  There are very few jobs these days where writing skills are not considered important and administrative jobs are not one of the ones that will over look it.  You must have a good command of the English language, know the difference between active and passive voice, and have excellent editing skills.
  • Verbal communications – as administrative assistants we do a lot of talking both in person and on the phone.  It is essential that we learn to communicate in a way that gets our message across loud and clear.  If you need work on this, consider joining a speaking group like Toast Masters.
  • Organization – if you aren’t organized you won’t be able to get work done effectively.  Rarely will you ever do the same job day after day so you will need to be able to organize your materials and your time to take care of all of your tasks.
  • Computer literacy – you can’t get past this one.  You have to know your way around the computer.  At the very least you should learn how to use Word, Excel, and Office Outlook.  Being comfortable with using the Internet has become a fairly important skill as well. 
  • Training – if you’ve ever trained someone to do something, or better yet trained a group of people, this is a skill that is well worth featuring on your resume.
  • Supervising – being able to supervise a group of people is a highly sought out skill.  If you have supervisory skills expect to be able to move up through a company’s ranks fairly quickly.
  • Planning – planning for projects and set up time lines is a great skill to have.
So, how many of those skills do you have?

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