Who Should Take the Health Care Aide Challenge?

If you have been looking at the list of courses that are available to those interested in taking classes at Robertson College, you may have noticed that there is both a Health Care Aide course and a Health Care Aide Challenge course.  What’s the difference?  You may have noticed that the Challenge course is shorter.  But that’s not the main difference.

The Health Care Aid Challenge is a 12 week program for people who are already working in the health care field as an aide but do not have any certifications or for those who  have trained as a nurse in a health care field in a foreign country.  In order to qualify to take the Health Care Aid Challenge course instead of the full Health Care Aide course you must have logged 1200 hours of work experience in the past two years and you must be able to pass a proof of English language proficiency test.  You should have a copy of your resume ready and your employer should fill out an employee form that details your job description and the hours you have worked.

This course can be taken over 12 weeks at Robertson College or you can take the course on your own time line by taking the course online.  The time taken to complete this course include 8 hours of practical experience, which will take place at the instructor’s discretion.

The Health Care Aide Challenge course is an excellent opportunity to get certified if you have been working without certification.