Do You Know What Employers are Learning About You Online?

Google Chrome
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In the past I have talked about being careful about what you do online because more and more employers are using the Internet to find out what potential employees are really like.  If you took that seriously you might be wondering what potential employers can see about you.  If you haven't you should be thinking about that.

It is easy to see what potential employers can see about you with Google.  There are many different ways that you can search for information though so you should use several different means to search for yourself.

Here are some of the ways you can search for yourself online:

  • Search for your first and last name in quotes: "John Smith"
  • Search for your full name, including your middle name, in quotes: "John Malcom Smith"
  • Search for your last name first, comma, then your first name, in quotes: "Smith, John"
  • Search for your last name first, comma, then your first name and your second name, in quotes: "Smith, John Malcom"
  • Search for your email address:
  • Search for your phone number: 555-555-5555
  • Search for your street address, in quotes: "555 Street Name Blvd"
Now what if you do find out that a web site has published information about you that you don't want to be public info?

First, you can contact them and ask them to remove the content.  Not all web sites are easy to find contact info for though so if you can't find a contact form or they don't have an email address easily findable, look them up at - just put their web site into the search box and it should give you all their information you need about who owns that domain, including an email address.

If they refuse to remove the content or you are not getting a response from there can often mediate for you and help you out.