Doing Research When Choosing a Career

It is time to start narrowing down your choices.  So, based on the lists that you made in earlier in when you evaluated your skills,  think about what careers would apply to what you DO like to do and the skills that you already have that could be further developed.

Write down at least 20 careers that you think you would like.

Narrow Down Your List

Now, obviously, all of those careers are not viable choices.  So, you need to narrow down your choices some more.  How are you going to do that? 
You are going to narrow your list of 20 careers down to a list of 5 careers based on the things youexamined the things you were willing to do to start a career. 

Consider how much education, time, and money will be required to start a career in the ones you listed before.  Now is the time to do some research.  Find out what it takes to enter a career. 

Which ones match with the things you said you are willing to do to start a new career?

Do Some Research

To narrow down this list a bit more you are going to need to do some research. 

Things to consider:
  • Earnings – how much are you likely to make?  At the beginning?  After a couple years?  Find more information about potential earnings in a career here:
  • Education – what kind of education is required?  Here’s a great tool you can use to find out:
  • Job availabilities – start looking at the job listings in papers and online for the careers that you are examining.  Are there lots of jobs?  What skills are they asking for?  You can also look at