4 Things You Can Do Online To Help Your Job Search

If you want to find a job, what you are doing online can make a big difference.  The truth is that many employers want to know that you are Internet savvy.  That means that you know what is appropriate to post and what is not.  It also means that you know how to utilize various sites for business purposes.

Here are45 tips you can start implementing today to improve your job search when you are online:
  1. Watch the job boards.  Of course, you should be looking for open jobs online but watch the jobs that have recently closed as well.  Keep a list of places that have recently hired and after a couple weeks when they have had time to evaluate the new employees, send them a resume and cover letter.  Tell them that you understand that the position has recently been filled but that you are interested in similar positions if anything opens up in the future.  Make sure you keep track of these so that you can evaluate the responses that you get in the future.
  2. Start a blog.  Write about the career you want to have, experiences that demonstrate your skills, and interesting industry news that you come across.  Make sure you stick to a theme (your desired industry) and give it your own personal slant.
  3. Utilize LinkedIn.  Have a profile up and make sure it is complete.  Connect with companies you would like to work for and individuals that work in those companies.  Connect your blog to your LinkedIn account.  Join groups where you can ask questions and share your knowledge.
  4. Start a professional Twitter account.  This is not the place to talk about movies you've  seen or where you are hanging out but rather a place to share industry related information, your blog posts, and ask questions.  Follow people and companies that you would like to work for.  Follow experts in your field.
By following these  few tips you can make connections and gather knowledge that will help you in your future career. It will expand your network and give you a boost that you might not otherwise get.