Interview Question: Tell Me About Yourself

So, you're at an interview and you get the question, "Tell me about yourself" - seems easy enough right?  Not always.  The question isn't just that cut and dry.

One of the main reasons that interviewers ask this question is to see how you will react to a loose and unstructured question.  The key to answering this question well is to have something prepare.

Interviewers are also watching for the following:

  • They are watching to see how confident you are.
  • They are watching to see how you will appear to clients.
  • They are listening to see  what you think is important.
If you have done some research you will know what the employer thinks is important so  you should tailor your answer accordingly. If you know that the employer is involved in community building and you have done some community work in your own area, talking about this would be a good idea.