Pssst – Want to Know a Networking Secret?

The China Business Network Silicon Dragon Dinn...Image by Elliottng via Flickr
Networking is an important part of job hunting. There’s no two ways about that. People who are successful at
finding jobs tend to have large networks that they utilize completely.

• They have a list of people that they can call on when they need help.

• They have a list of companies that they want to work for.

• They have a list of people in those companies that they can contact.

• They know what they want to do in a job.

• They ask for more contacts.

Those are the fundamentals of networking. You cannot avoid it and if you want a job you need to implement and use these fundamentals.

But there is a secret beyond those fundamentals that you should know about. Want to know what it is?

Yes, giving is an important part of networking, whether you are networking online or networking in real time. You need to give VALUE, you need to give with AUTHENTICITY, and then you will receive in return!

How can you give in your networking efforts in order to get more back?

• Give someone a reference on LinkedIn.

• Refer a potential client to someone.

• Offer personal support.

• Share your expertise.

Social media can be a great way to do this with a minimal time investment but you can do this just as easily by phone, through email, or in person.
GIVE and you shall receive!