What to Post on Google+ to Increase Your Chances of Getting Job Offers

I’ve written several posts on Google+ in the past that can be helpful to job searchers.  Check these out if you haven’t read them already.

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But now that you know this stuff – what do you post on Google+ to show that you are someone that is worth hiring?

Get Google Alerts

Did you know that you can get alerted when there are new articles or posts about things that are happening in your industry?  It’s simple really.  Do a search for something like “health care aids Manitoba” or even do a search for a company that you are interested in working for.  Click on the More button with the down arrow beside it and then choose News.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a link to get alerts.

You can get these alerts as they appear, on a daily basis, or weekly.  I like to do the daily alerts and check them once a day.

Once you have several alerts set up you’ll get emails with newsworthy items on those topics.  Use those topics to create posts on Google+ so that industry experts, employers, and human resources people can see that you stay up-to-date with what is going on.  Don’t just post the link though.  Say something about it.  Is it a good thing?  What do you think?  Is it something you’re looking forward to?

Here’s an example:

Follow Blogs

There are blogs out there on almost every topic you can imagine.  Seriously.  You wouldn’t believe the blogs that are out there – for administrative assistants, health care, IT – it’s all there.  Your job is to find some interesting blogs to follow that you can create your own commentary on.

AllTop.com is a great resource for finding industry related blog.  Take a browse through their categories and you’re sure to find something good.

Another good resource is Google.  Search for a topic and the same way you found News items related to your industry you can find blog posts, too.  Once you have found those blog posts, you can subscribe to the blogs using an RSS reader like Feed.ly and then it will be easy to keep up with them.

Show Your Personality

You don’t have to stick with industry news.  You can show your personality because others will be more interested in connecting with you.  If you love animals, share information and posts about local animal rescues.  If you love baseball, talk about baseball.  If you are involved in your community, share about things that are happening. 

These little things can be what sets you apart from other people that are trying to use Google+ for job search purposes because they will allow people to truly connect with you.  When people feel connected with you and they see that you have the skills, the knowledge, and the education for working in the industry that they work in, they will be more likely to contact you with job opportunities.  Why?  Because they like you!
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