When Your Social Media Activity Helps You Get the Job

Most of the time, when people talk about social media and job search, they are giving warnings.  Don’t do this.  Don’t do that.  Be careful…

And that is good advice.  The fact is that employers are looking you up online and they might be following you on Twitter and they might be checking out your Facebook presence.  Mostly they are looking for these warning signs that people are always warning you about.

But someone of them are looking for people that actually have a grip on social media and know how to use it.  They are looking for people that may be willing to use social media on behalf of the company.
  • Some of the things  that they might be looking at include:
  • Your ability to hold a conversation
  • Posting shareworthy content
  • Sharing of articles related to your industry
  • Your ability to answer questions
  • Your attitude
  • How you connect social media platforms together
  • Groups you belong to
  • Pages you like

What can help you get the job?

These are some of the things you can do on social media that might help you get the job you applied for:
  • Encourage conversation
  • Share great content
  • Join groups that are relevant to your industry
  • Have conversations with intelligent people
  • Be friendly
  • Be willing to walk away rather than get into an angry conversation